Elevate your mind, body & soul.


Welcome to Laughing Lotus Wellness! 

Join me for a yoga class or wellness coaching in an area of personal growth and join a community of individuals moving in the same direction as you are. Energy seeks energy;  we are a reflection of WHO we spend time with and HOW we spend our time. Laughing Lotus Wellness is creating a positive space for YOU to build your own practice and self-care while learning to incorporate all the areas of your life  allowing you to reach your greatest potential, your true north. 

In our busy world, there is very little time to focus on what WE need in order to show up and be the BEST version of ourselves. Yoga, meditation and coaching are for personal development and elevating your personal abilities. You will learn how to be the BOSS of your energy!

If you are tired, struggling, seeking answers, needing to find purpose, feeling so close, but not yet there, then this is for YOU. Come join me for yoga, meditation on an individual or group basis and you will see the shifts take place!