Photo Credit: fotobysarah, Sarah Maag

Photo Credit: fotobysarah, Sarah Maag


WHY Laughing Lotus Wellness?

LAUGHTER: I have been laughing my whole life and intend to do so until I take my last breath! I have found that it is my very favorite way to connect to everyone around me. Somehow using laughter to cope CREATES space for the pain in a way that is more tolerable. It creates a different and powerful energy that we can harness to MOVE FORWARD!

Suffering is an aspect of life that none of us can avoid, but we CAN use humor, be present in the great moments and have FUN while we do the work. When we connect to a community of people who can support us and understand us, the work is easier in the borrowing of other people's wisdom, laughter and encouragement . We can challenge, love and support each other as we work towards CREATING the life we wan to LIVE.

So, get your sense of humor all fired up because you will NEED it if you decide to join me!

LOTUS: There is a quote that states, “No mud, no lotus” meaning that if we don’t experience the dark parts of life, we will not develop into the beautiful blossom we were meant to be. As a Clinical Social Worker I have seen this more times than I can count and it accounts for my deep well of HOPE and AWE of human resilience!

Lotus flowers LITERALLY sink into the mud/murk every night only to arise again each and every day ANEW. Much like we can begin again EVERY. SINGLE. DAY if we so choose! What a beautiful idea, right?

It is a symbol of spiritual awakening and I have had my own in the last couple of years. After sleep-walking through life for a few years I began to do meditation consistently and did my own energy work. This opened up my soul to the Universal messages I had been missing and UNLOCKED my joy again! I reconnected with my spirit and everything began to align again…

All I know is that I wanted to share this story and opportunity with anyone who is ready to make lasting and soul-moving change!!

So Laughing Lotus is a symbol of my energy/humor and my belief that we can begin again and that we are made more brilliant by our struggles without letting them define us.

WELLNESS: If you are ready to do some soul-searching, transforming and AWAKENING then you have found a home base here. If you feel like you want "more" out of life and cannot define WHAT is holding you back, this is the place for YOU. Are you tired of starting over and over and over?? Then THIS is the place for you. 

Welcome home.


Jennifer Zenz-Olson, MSW, LICSW, Founder and Wellness Coach