Yoga Class:

Come join me for a dynamic and unique yoga experience! We will be creating a mind, body and spirit connection using: music, movement, breath, areas of focus, directing your energy, learning, laughter and fun. I will use various yogic methods such as: Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, meditation and pranayama to create a unique experience in each class!

I am also available for individual yoga sessions where we will take a deeper look at your personal goals and create a practice for you based on what you want to learn and achieve!



Wellness Coaching:

Wellness coaching is a combination of all of my years of providing psychotherapy as a Clinical Social Worker (and the experiences/wisdom obtained through sitting with so many people's stories and supporting their process of healing), thought changing/emotional work, yoga, meditation, crystal healing, aromatherapy, visualization and we will also connect you to various other forms of healing as needed!! We will explore the various areas of your life for the things that are working well and the challenges you face, define your goals and the process unfolds as we connect and work together to create the kind of life you are excited to wake up to every day!

Working with individuals is something that I have done for 18 years and it is something I deeply love to do. I look forward to connecting with you on your wellness journey!



Meditation Practice:

Join me to learn and explore the fine art of meditation. Does it scare you a little? Have you said that you "can't do it"? Give me a chance to spend some time with you as we practice various forms and use tools to support you in finding your stillness.

Meditation Supports:

-Improved sleep

-Improved focus

-Decrease in reactivity

-Increase in joy and peace

-Improved efficiency

-Increases your ability to be present

-Improves creativity