Blog: New Beginnings and the WHY'...

It is amazing to look back on our journeys and see the myriad of paths that lead us EXACTLY where we need to be. Sometimes, the difficult and most challenging moments actually create the BEST results for us.

When I began to formulate this business it was borne of so much wisdom and experience in working with people. Stories became the outline of my life. I have a passion for teaching and connecting to those around me. Particularly those who want to move forward, reach higher and achieve better, more comprehensive JOY in their lives.

I have been in an office seeing clients for years and have learned so much from their experiences. It is an HONOR to be trusted in this way.

This leads me to desire a space where people can come together to explore the aspects of wellness and the best ways to achieve it!

As a fitness coach I also learned two very valuable lessons. First, group support and accountability are PARAMOUNT in success. Second, that personal development is a way to stay rooted in our learning and growing!

So here we are!! My Wellness Forum is open and our first Self-Care Wellness Community 30-day run is on the horizon! Craziness. 

I can't wait to see who will join me on my path and I am excited to see the amazing connections we will make!